For Conversations

Generate personalised replies, icebreakers, or enhance your messages all aligned with your match's personality, hobbies, and interests.

Also get expert suggestions before making your move.

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Reply Muse

The Problem

Imagine you're swiping through Tinder profiles, hoping to connect with someone special. But standing out in a crowded online dating world can be tough.

How can you make a lasting impression?

That's where Reply Muse comes in. It's your trusty wingman, powered by gen AI technology. It understands the person behind the screen like no other. Reply Muse suggests clever icebreakers that perfectly match your match's personality. And it doesn't stop there. It helps you improve your own responses or find the best reply to messages you receive.


Reply Muse


Learn How to Use Your Wingman Effectively!!

Take a 'Scrolling' Screenshot of Your Match's Profile and Add it to Reply Muse.


Allow Overlay Permission to Reply Muse. And Open Your Match's Profile.


Select Your Match's Current Mood and the Desired Tone of Your Message.


Choose 'icebreaker' Option to Initiate Engaging Conversations. This Creates a Personalised Icebreaker Message for Your Match.


If You are Confused About What to Reply to Their Message, Use 'reply' Option. This Creates a Personalised Reply to Their Message.


You Can Also Use 'improve' Option to Enhance Your Own Message. This Creates a Enhanced Version of Your Message Exactly Matching Your Match's Interests and Hobbies.


Don't Forget to Take Expert Suggestions From Your Wingman Before Making a Move. Press 'i' Button to Get Suggestions.